Late Afternoon by the Sea

My friend Siobhon commented a while ago on my photos on Instagram:

” You do take the cutest cafe and knitting photos”.

Honestly, I was taken by surprise by this lovely compliment! Siobhon, herself is a wonderful artist (www.siobhonhumstonart.com). We met during our time at University Falmouth, she was doing her MFA (Masters of Fine Art) and I my MA (Masters in Art and Environment). A short while later another friend, Robert Erskine, a poet and photographer,  remarked on my images, showing again some kind of Textile Craft/Art activity in a cafe, and added the idea it would make a interesting blog.  So here we are!

I love being creative on the go!

Most work for my main piece in my MA show, a hand knitted blanket (3ft x 7ft) from hand spun and partially dyed British wool (carding waist from a Cornish Wool Mill with Woad (known as European Indigo) was made outside my home! I spun and knitted were ever I was!

I love spending time in cafes!

Time in a cafe is time for myself; watching people, being creative, maybe entering into conversations, initiated by what I have under my hands, which I welcome and enjoy!

Join me on my journey, through well loved hiding places and exiting new places at home in Cornwall or where life takes me! Always with some wool under my hands!






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