I am back!

Its been a long time! After a long rollercoaster, life does this sometimes, I am starting to see the horizon again!

During this past nearly two and a half years I have carried on Making. during whatever was going on.

The latest new skill is sock knitting and it has a bit of a story to it.

My mother started knitting socks in her mid sixties, as far as I remember. After she retired, Mama, as I always called her, was a tailor by trade, she had accomplished her Masters in the early 50’s, which at the time was very unusual for a woman to have such aspiration. She started first to get completely engrossed in Embroidery and  joined a Needle Craft Circle,  Mama engaged with Danish Cross Stitch and Hardanger Embroidery. After some years of embroidering pictures, banners and small table cloths, she decided she wanted to something more useful. Our neighbour Heidi showed her how to knit socks and Mama had her new project !

In 2014 Mama casted a new pair of socks on, but being in her late 80’s she struggled with the attention. Instead Mama started to crochet slipper socks with thick wool and big hooks. Every time, during my regular visits, i would ask her, if she wouldn’t want to give it to a woman in her new craft group to finish the started project to be finished.

But Mama was to proud, to admit she had lost the ability to concentrate and the sock remained in the wool basket.

In March 2018 Mama was in hospital with her third pneumonia, she had a lung disease and became very weak. I knew, she wouldn’t never finish this pair of socks.

During those weeks in March  I plucked up the courage and made the decision to finish this pair of socks.

I am Dyslexic and struggle with knitting pattern, my knitting projects are my own design.

But with socks its a bit like cake baking, one needs to learn the formula in order achieve the desired result. No winging possible……

With the help of my friend Annette from Munich on the phone, I finally mastered my first pair, my first turned heel and I am now about to finish my 4. pair.

Mama died 25. March 2018.

Mama in Bad Rothenfelde, 2016

Knitting socks will always be another thread in the link with my late mother.

I continued with the sock knitting, more about that in the next post.




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