Back on the Road

It is time to pick up the needles and threads again which I had to put down in the middle of February.

Two days before Valentine’s Day, my mother (87 years old) , rang, early in the morning, telling me she had fallen out of her bed and broken her ankle.

After an x-ray in the hospital she was send home. Luckily she lives in a supported housing in Germany.

Nevertheless, I found myself on Valentine’s Day evening on the Nighttrain to London, flying out the next day to Germany to be with her in the first difficult days. This had been the first ’emergency’ call. It was good to be with her, at the end of the first week, she was walking alone with her crutches to the lift and to the dinning room .

In those days I needed the most easiest and comforting knitting project imaginable, and it became a big chunky shawl, knitted with a miscalanous mix of odds and ends.

I am glad that a lovely bit of Indigo dyed Shetland wool which I had bought a long, long time ago on the Isle of Aran found a home.

Now, when I wrap myself into this shawl, I feel a bit like Linus with his comfort blanket, all the memories are knitted in.


Cafe Doc Becker, Bochum, Germany


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