Close to Home – Tea at the Queens Hotel

Wednesday, 03. February 2016

This day was so bright and breezy, dry and with a lovely wind. Despite all of this, I was busy at home, enjoying pottering around and have my first laundry hung out in the yard and getting it in almost dry.

In the afternoon I longed for a rest and a tea with a view. It was coming up for 4pm, so slightly to late to walk over to the Newlyn Gallery and the choice fell to the Queens Hotel on the promenade in Penzance.

I feel fortunate to have lived in walking distance to the promende, since I moved to Pencance from Germany in 1998.

The Queens, as it is known in town, is a place for me, particular in the quiet winter month, where I like to sit in the late afternoon and watch the light go out over the bay.

The large windows  open out to the sea,  from the Jubilee Pool to Newlyn. When the sun starts to hang low over the Newlyn ridge, the sea turns to a silvery turqiouse colour, on a clear day with streaks of pink, which graduatly become grey and eventually grey and then almost black, when it has become dark outside.

Sitting here, knitting and drinking tea, is sometimes for me an invitation to reflect on memories. This month it will be 18 years since I moved to Penzance, my son will be 18 years old this coming May.

I used to come here when Robin was toddler, carefully pulling the buggy up the stairs, there was no ramp there then. Sometimes Trevor, the porter would give me a hand. He is retired now. A pot of tea was £1.

It was already my breathing space then, cherishing the time to myself, reading or embroidering till my son would wake up.

My day dreaming was on this afternoon interupted by the welcoming sight of my partner Bill and our dog Jojo.

We swapped my bags for the dog and I went with her for our evening stroll along the prom.








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