Tea Break at the Godolphin Arms in Marazion

The Mount in the last Sunshine


I love living in Cornwall through out all the seasons, but the winter time has something special for me. It is the  time when there are no visitors, or holidaymakers, or tourists around. Yes, we do need the tourist trade and thats alright. Still, there is this little but…….

I was sitting yesterday afternoon in the Godolphin Arms in Marazion, and had a room on the ground floor all to myself. A breathing space, after my Musicianship Course (Bronze Level 2) with Pip Wright ( ) in Townsend Village Hall. It is sheer bliss, watching the sun go down behind the Newlyn Ridge, the changing colours of the sea and the sky on late afternoon never fail to amaze me. It is also the stillness of this time of year, being alone in a room, with a cup of tea (fresh Peppermint with Lemon, the current favourite), which speaks to me. A moment of knitting, looking out of the window, a little bit of reading and I feel already a bit more ground and settled to be in this world, ready, even if lightly reluctantly to return to man, son, friends and dogs.


P.S If I am using more capital letters in my writing then it is usual for the English language, please forgive me. It is a hangover from German being my first language, and some word just plainly look better to me with a big letter in front.


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