Sunday afternoon at the Gurnards Head

After my Sunday lunch at Weatherspoon’s in Penzance with my partner Bill and my son Robin, I dropped man and dog off at the beach and drove to Morvah, the Schoolhouse Gallery (, where friends were holding an exhibition opening. On my arrival, I had to realise, that I had got my timing totally wrong and everything was over. Kindly I was allowed to have a quick look, and I will go back to see the work in better light.


After a short consideration, I decided to drive to the Gurnards Head for a tea. There i enjoyed a few undisturbed hours by fresh Peppermint Tea, knitting, reading the latests Resurgence Magazine  and looking out of the window acreoss the room, watching the light going out. When I left, it was dark. I love the place, its comfortable, listing to the gentle humdrum from the bar, a large candle burning on the table………

Gurnads Head, Cornish Winter, Daffs by Candlelight

I had a short conversation with the young man, who according to himself, helps to manage the pub/restaurant. He told me, that he grew up in Wales, very near where the  third place ‘Felin Fach Griffin’ is, near Brecon, which is near the Black Mountains. We talked about the importance that these places are still places for the locals, at least to go for a drink or a coffee, while still catering for a slightly upmarket dining clientele.




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